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Junior Degree Recitals

You will need to sign up for a recital scheduling appointment – more info will be emailed at a later date with links to appointments. To schedule a degree recital (Junior, Senior/MM/AD), please complete the Application for Conservatory Degree Recital form.

It must be approved by your applied faculty and then emailed to

Students may begin reserving recital dates at the following times:

Scheduling Begins Recital Dates
Open now Aug 31-Nov 22, 2023  (All Junior Recitals)
Open now Nov 28-Dec 12, 2023 (Shared Junior Recitals)
Dec 11, 2023 – Lottery appointments via SignUp Genius (12/11/23 -12/15/23), then first come first served. Feb 6-Mar 22, 2024 (Shared Junior Recitals)

Recitals must be scheduled during academic weeks in predesignated slots, beginning at the following times:

Tuesdays through Fridays: 4:30 or 7:30 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays: 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, or 7:30 p.m.

No recitals may be scheduled for Mondays

Degree recitals may not be scheduled against any conservatory-sponsored event of the same instrument.

Venues available for degree recitals are Kulas and Stull Recital Halls, Warner Concert Hall, Fairchild Chapel, Birenbaum and the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse. (Exception: Finney Chapel may be requested for recitals involving the organ.)

If performing a degree recital outside of a conservatory venue (including remote recitals), the student will be responsible for contacting Concert Production to confirm that the recital was completed in order to receive credit with the college registrar.

Cancelation Policy:

Due to the large number of performances sponsored by the conservatory each term, it is extremely important that students perform on their assigned dates. All requests to cancel a degree recital require submission of a completed Application for Degree Recital Cancelation with the approval of the appropriate applied faculty. Contact for more info.

All degree recitals will be given a minimum of 30 minutes for setup. (Exception: organ and percussion)

Approved Recital Length:

Students presenting a shared junior recital are allowed a maximum of 35 minutes of music each. Students presenting a solo junior recital prior to Thanksgiving may present 50 mins of music. For more info, please contact

  • Faculty members will be responsible for the accurate timings of works and are encouraged to assist students in designing programs (both for solo and shared performances) that will be artistically satisfying while adhering to time constraints.

One month prior to confirmed junior recitals, up to one hour of dress rehearsal may be reserved.

Dress rehearsals are scheduled by emailing It must be approved by the student’s applied faculty (via email).

The conservatory will provide programs for required junior recitals. Refer to the Information about Concert Programs section of this document for more information.

  • Programs for degree recitals must be sent to a minimum of two weeks prior to the recital date.
  • Students performing in a shared junior recital may email their programs together or separately. However, only one program will be prepared for the recital.

Ushers and stage crew will be provided for degree recitals taking place in Kulas and Stull Recital Halls, Fairchild and Finney Chapels, Birenbaum and Warner Concert Hall. The Cat and the Cream is staffed by the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement. All other venues will be unsupported.

Any special instrumental or staging needs should be discussed with Concert Production staff as soon as possible after the recital is confirmed.

Conservatory Audio Services will provide, as a matter of course, audio recording of degree recitals. In addition, live streaming will be provided in Kulas and Stull Recital Halls, Warner Concert Hall, The Cat in the Cream, Birenbaum, and Finney and Fairchild Chapels. Although both recording and live streaming are the assumption for degree recitals, students retain the right to opt out of these services.
For more information or for other audio support, contact:
Audio Services
440-775-8272 | Robertson 129