Informal Student Recitals

An informal recital is not considered a degree recital and will not fulfill that portion of the performance requirements for graduation.

Fall Term:

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, there will be no informal recitals scheduled.

Spring Term:


There are no predetermined slots for informal recitals. Students may choose any available hall time, including Mondays.

All informal recitals will be scheduled to take place before the beginning of the exam period of each term.

Venues available for informal recitals are Kulas and Stull Recital Halls, Warner Concert Hall, Fairchild Chapel, and the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse. Finney Chapel is not available for any informal recital.

If performing an informal recital off campus, the student will be responsible for contacting the appropriate off-campus building representative.

A maximum of one hour, including setup and teardown, intermission, applause, stage set changes, and music, will be allotted to each informal recital.

Dress Rehearsal

No dress rehearsal time will be reserved for informal recitals. Rehearsals may be scheduled using the regular weekly sign-up protocol (detailed in the Reserving Additional Time in Conservatory Halls section).

Services Provided by Oberlin Conservatory

Informal recitals will not be supported (no ushers, stage crew, or audio services) nor provided printed programs.