Center for Information Technology

Terms and Conditions

Use of your Oberlin College identification card (OCID Card) is subject to the following Terms & Conditions as they contain important information regarding your responsibility for proper OCID Card usage and lost or stolen OCIDs.

The College reserves the right to restrict an individual’s use or possession of an ID card for non-compliance with these terms and conditions. The College may take repossession of an ID card at any time.

Oberlin College has a virtual and electronic ID card system that provides general identification, access to college housing, dining halls, and academic areas, and retail functionality. For a full list of services, visit the ID Card Office website. New students are issued OCID cards when they arrive at Oberlin. All students are expected to use their original OCID during their entire student career.

The cardholder is responsible for maintaining a valid ID card, which is in proper working condition. The ID card remains the property of Oberlin College. No account should be accessed by anyone other than the cardholder or requested parents or guests. Only the cardholder will be allowed to spend OBIE dollars, Flex Points, or Dining Meal Plan Swipes from the account.

OCIDs are active only for individuals who are a registered student, active employee, affiliate, or retiree.

Lost or stolen OCIDs should be turned off immediately either by deactivating the card via the Lost ID Card Information page at Manage Your Card or by contacting the Office of Campus Safety at 440-775-8444. Lost cards may be replaced at the ID Card Office located in Mudd Center 055.