BeCyberSmart: A Month in Review and What’s Next

October 27, 2023 10:00 AM

Center for Information Technology

As October comes to a close, we want to take a moment to reflect on all that we have covered during Cybersecurity Awareness Month and prepare for an exciting initiative coming up for faculty and students in November. Our journey through cybersecurity awareness has been informative and empowering, equipping the Oberlin community with knowledge and strategies to enhance our overall cybersecurity—both online and offline. 

A Recap of Our Cybersecurity Journey

  • Understanding the Basics: We kicked off the month by joining the global community in raising cybersecurity awareness, emphasizing the importance of everyone’s role in maintaining digital security. 
  • Password Security: We delved into password security, highlighting how quickly a hacker can break a weak password and providing tips on creating strong, secure passwords. 
  • Phishing Awareness: We tackled the deceptive practice of phishing, teaching how to recognize and avoid falling victim to these malicious attempts to steal your personal information. 
  • Email Security: We covered the steps to send confidential emails using Gmail, ensuring your sensitive information stays protected. 
  • Removable Media Risks: We explored the hidden risks associated with unknown removable media, emphasizing the importance of being cautious and vigilant. 
  • Social Media Safety: We provided guidelines on keeping your social media accounts secure, protecting your personal information from potential threats. 
  • Privacy Settings: We stressed the importance of regularly reviewing and updating your digital privacy settings across various platforms. 
  • Mobile Device Security: We shared essential tips for securing your mobile devices, protecting your personal information from a wide array of cyber threats. 

New Tools  

  • Secure Wireless Networks: We introduced secure wireless networks, eduroam and ObieConnect, ensuring your data transmissions remain protected and encrypted. 
  • Secure VPN: We launched the Palo Alto VPN, a Multi-Factor Authentication enabled Virtual Private Network, providing an additional layer of security for your online activities. 

Upcoming: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

We have laid a solid foundation, and now it is time to put your cybersecurity knowledge into practice. A special thank you to all our staff members who have proactively completed our cybersecurity awareness training earlier this year. To our faculty and students, please keep an eye on your inboxes as you will soon receive an invitation. This training, lasting around 20 minutes, aims to bolster your cybersecurity awareness and contribute to the digital safety of our entire community. The launch date, initially set for November 1, is being determined and will be communicated shortly. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month at Oberlin has been a journey of learning, empowerment, and action. As we wrap up the month, let’s carry forward the knowledge and practices we have acquired, continually striving to create a secure and resilient digital community. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and stay cyber smart!