BeCyberSmart: Guarding Your Digital Life with Privacy Settings

October 19, 2023 12:00 PM

Center for Information Technology

In the vast digital universe, a tiny setting can make all the difference in protecting your personal space. Just as we put locks on our doors, privacy settings on online platforms act as the digital equivalent, ensuring only those you allow can see your personal details.

Why Are Privacy Settings Crucial?

Privacy settings are more than just a tool to hide our photos or posts. They represent:

  • Transparency: They show us how our data is used and who gets to see it.
  • Control: You get to decide who sees what. Want to share a post only with close friends? Or with everyone? You are in charge.
  • Reduced Risks: Proper settings reduce the chances of unwanted eyes landing on your information.
  • Targeted Sharing: You can decide the specific audience for every bit of your information, be it on social media or elsewhere.
  • Controlling Social Engagement: Perfect for times when you want to choose who interacts with your online posts.

How to Fortify Your Privacy

  • Stay Updated: Online platforms change. And with these changes, privacy settings can, too. Regularly check and adjust to make sure you are still sharing only what you want.
  • Choose Wisely: Set privacy configurations on all accounts, be it social media, online services, or devices. Know what each setting does.
  • Sturdy Passwords: It might seem basic, but a strong password is your first defense line. Keep it unique and complex.
  • Limit Sharing:Post only what is necessary. Ask yourself if the information you are about to share is something you are okay with strangers knowing.
  • App Permissions: Review them. Does that new game really need access to your contacts or camera?

For a handy guide on managing your settings across various platforms, review this resource by National Cybersecurity Alliance.