BeCyberSmart: Keeping it Safe on Social Media at Oberlin

October 17, 2023 9:30 AM

Center for Information Technology

In today’s world, many of us at Oberlin use social media as our go-to place to connect, learn, and share. It is a vibrant part of our campus life. While these platforms offer a window to the world, it is essential to ensure that we are also guarding our privacy.

Your Online Presence

When you post on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or X (formerly Twitter), think of it as adding chapters to your online story. Every photo, status, or comment tells something about you. Be selective about what stories you want to tell, and remember, once shared, a post is tough to take back.

Privacy Matters

Check those privacy settings every now and then. They are designed to give you control over who gets a peek into your life. Think of it like deciding who you would invite to a personal gathering. And when it comes to sharing personal moments or details, sometimes less is more. A little mystery can be a good thing. Refer to the guide on privacy settings for common applications compiled by the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

Friendly Advice on ‘Friends’

Not every friend request or new follower has your best interests at heart. Be cautious. If a profile feels off, trust your instincts. And if a friend or connection suddenly posts something unusual or asks for personal information, it is totally okay to double-check with them personally.

Strengthen Your Online Doors

Just as you would make sure your room door is locked before leaving, secure your online spaces. Use strong passwords and multi-factor authentication. It is a way to ensure that only you have the keys to your digital home.

Embracing social media is a part of our modern experience. By staying informed and taking a moment to think about our online actions, we can ensure we are making the most of it in a safe and smart way.