Oberlin requires all vehicle owners to register for a parking permit and lot assignment through Campus Safety. 

Parking Permits and Registration Fees

Type Cost

Student Vehicle Registration


$200 On campus students arriving for Fall Semester
$150 On campus students arriving for the Spring Semester 
$100 Off campus students
(Maximum of one vehicle; permit valid for current academic year)
Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration

No cost for first two vehicles registered;
$25 for each additional vehicle
(Vehicles must be registered anew every third year beginning in Aug. 2019)


Offense Penalty

• Failure to Register
• Unregistered Vehicles Found on Campus
(such as those belonging to students living off campus, but parked on campus)

$250 plus cost of student parking registration

• Unauthorized Parking in a Reserved or Designated Space
• Violation of Fire Lane Restriction
• Violation of Handicapped Space
(including handicapped van lane)

$250 plus towing and storage costs*

Display of Altered or Counterfeit Permit

$250 plus revocation of parking privileges

Violations of Parking Regulations
(Not including the violations listed above)

Progressive fines:
1st violation – $20
2nd violation – $40
3rd violation – $60
4th violation – $80 + immobilize or tow

* Towing costs $90 and $12 day for storage

Oberlin College’s parking policy is a zero-tolerance policy. Register and understand where your permit allows you to park, and you will avoid fines imposed as a result of parking violations.

Miscellaneous Fees

Late Fee
(Added to the cost of your violation if not paid within 3 days, weekends included)

Immobilization Fee
(If utilized in lieu of towing the vehicle)


Removal of vehicle for lot maintenance during announced Snow Emergency

$20 fine and $65 fee for removal of vehicle

As of August 2020