Campus Safety

Parking Fees and Fines

Oberlin requires all vehicle owners to register for a parking permit and lot assignment through Campus Safety. 

Parking Permits and Registration Fees
Type Cost
Student Vehicle Registration

$200 On-campus students arriving for current academic year 

(Maximum of one vehicle; permit valid for the current academic year)

Faculty/Staff Vehicle Registration

No cost for first two vehicles registered;
$25 for each additional vehicle

(Vehicles must be registered anew every fourth year beginning in Aug. 2022)

Offense Penalty

• Failure to Register
• Unregistered Vehicles Found on Campus
(such as those belonging to students living off campus, but parked on campus)

$250 plus cost of student parking registration

• Unauthorized Parking in a Reserved or Designated Space
• Violation of Fire Lane Restriction
• Violation of Handicapped Space
(including handicapped van lane)

$250 plus towing and storage costs

(Towing costs $175 and $30 day for storage)

Display of Altered or Counterfeit Permit

$250 plus revocation of parking privileges

Violations of Parking Regulations
(Not including the violations listed above)

Progressive fines:
1st violation – $20
2nd violation – $40
3rd violation – $60
4th violation – $80 + immobilize or tow at owner's expense

Oberlin College’s parking policy is a zero-tolerance policy. Register and understand where your permit allows you to park, and you will avoid fines imposed as a result of parking violations.

Miscellaneous Fees
Description Amount
Late Fee
(Added to the cost of your violation if not paid within 3 days, weekends included)
Immobilization Fee
(If utilized in lieu of towing the vehicle)
Removal of vehicle for lot maintenance during overnight parking hours prohibitions Dec 1 through March 31. $20 fine and $85 fee for removal of vehicle

As of August 2022

Payment of fees and violations may be made at the Campus Safety Office, 140 West College Street, Oberlin, Ohio  44074, 24 hours a day or sent to the office via Campus Mail. Payments can only be accepted in the form of cash or personal check, made payable to Oberlin College. Campus Safety retains the right to decline payment in the form of small coins. Payment of accounts already billed can only be settled through payment with the Office of Student Accounts, Carnegie Building, Room 122.

While we understand parking is an issue where the recipient of enforcement actions may become upset, we ask that you understand that officers and office staff are fulfilling their work requirements. Verbal abuse of Campus Safety Staff may be referred for disciplinary action; escalation of any situation may involve the response of the Oberlin Police Department and may result in criminal charges.