Campus Safety

Special Alerts

Campus Safety posts Special Alert notices on white paper with yellow bands on the top and bottom at approximately 90 locations on campus in an effort to provide timely notice to the community, and in the event of a serious incident which may pose a threat to members of the community.

We usually post these special alerts for the following classifications:

  • aggravated assault
  • criminal homicide
  • robbery
  • sex offenses

Special alerts may also be posted for other classifications as deemed necessary when circumstances warrant. These campus-wide notices contain available pertinent facts about the incident, as well as relevant tips on crime prevention and personal safety. An alert is generally distributed 24 hours or less after the incident has occurred.

A weekly media report, prepared by Campus Safety, summarizes all criminal activity and incidents of a suspicious nature reported during the previous week. The report is shared with the Oberlin Review student newspaper. It is published in whole or in part at the discretion of the editors.

A daily crime log is available for review at the Campus Safety Office. The information in the crime log typically includes the nature, date, time, general location, and disposition of each crime.