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Field Hockey Family

October 25, 2020

Meredith Warden

As I prepared to go back to Oberlin for this fall semester, I was unsure about what practicing sports would look like in the middle of a pandemic.
A photo of Meredith, a smiling young white woman with brown hair.

New Heights

July 19, 2020

Tim Martin

While the loss of fall sports is a blow to my spirits, I am happy Oberlin College is stepping up.
Tim Martin II

Swimming in America vs Australia

January 12, 2020

Lucas Draper

As I assume it is with all sports, swimming in America runs a lot differently to the way it does in Australia. I also assume that this difference is uniquely American, and as such will be different...
Lucas Draper

Time Management at Oberlin

December 6, 2019

Tim Martin

With all of these resources, there is no reason a person shouldn't be able to achieve whatever they consider academic success.
Tim Martin II


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