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Will Work for Circus? I Work for Circus!

May 7, 2009

Ma'ayan Plaut ’10

I've had a request for Circus photos, so I warn you, this is a very photo heavy post. Actually, it's a photo log of the entire show. Aries can fill you in on the rest of this spring's circus.

So, the Saturday show started with the Children's Circus, a set of bouncing tumbling hula-hooping young folks.

Children hold hoola hoops on a gym mat

We are then introduced to our Hero and his means-well-yet-conniving Trickster mentor.

Two circus performers on the floor

The Trickster leads our Hero to the Stock Market Stilters.

performers on stilts

The Ninja businessman from the previous scene has his briefcase stolen by a set of rogue bicyclists.

A performer doing tricks on a bike

Our Hero tries to find work in an office, which is populated by Swinging Secretaries.

Performers in a line

Performers partner dancing

A set of contact improv commuters head to work via a very entertaining subway route.

Performers doing contact improv

Our Hero finally finds food in the urban jungle, only to have it stolen by pigeons.

Performers on stilts

Enter contact juggling tourist.

A performer juggles

Our Hero tries to get a job at Tumbling and Acrobatics Coffee and Bakeshop.

A performer balances on anothers feet in the air

Two performers balance on anothers thighs

Performers hold eachother up in the air

Our friendly tourist from earlier escapes a mugging by aikido martial artists.

Performers doing martial arts

Trickster and Superhero get in a battle of wits and strength.

A performer flexing his muscles

Trickster plunges The Big City into darkness as the plug supplying electricity to the whole city is pulled.


In the darkness, glow poi operators try their best to use their flashlights to find things around the city. (This is my act! Isn't it pretty?)

Glowing shapes

The glow poi are scared away by a huge glowing generator, that brings in enough light start to fix the electrical problem.

glowing circles

glowing circles

With a small amount of light, the aerial electricians can be called in to fix the power problem.

A performer aerial dancing

A performer aerial dancing

A performer aerial dancing

A performer aerial dancing

With the power fixed, we see our Hero has gone wild in the city, smearing himself with ketchup and readying himself for battle against the Trickster.

A performer chases another

A street cleaning clown meets a pretty girl on the street and falls for her.

Performers acting

A rainstorm overtakes the big city, leading into three vignettes about umbrellas.

Performers under umbrellas and pretend rain

An umbrella completely shields a biker

A performer holding a closed umbrella

A group of street hooligans get in a step battle, which is broken up by taiko drums.

performers dancing

taiko drummers

Our Hero stumbles into a department store, where the mannequins come to life and hula hoop.

performers hoola hooping

Now dressed to the nines, our Hero watches a living statue duo do acrobalance.

Two performers do acrobatics

 performer balances another with his hand

A brief interlude into a school recess, where jump roping FIENDS take over the stage. (These guys were incredible!)

Kids jump roping

kids jump roping in a line

Kids jump roping

A performer does jump rope tricks

The Trickster finds our Hero all dressed up with nowhere to go, and convinces him to go into a job interview.

Two performers on the floor

Two performers act

To their surprise, both the employer and our Hero realize they had met before, under less fortunate circumstances, and a mild chase ensues.

A performer chases another

After seeing our Hero's extensive resume, is offered an interview, and then a job as a parade leader!

Performers act on the floor

And then our Hero leads the entire cast in a big parade! Hurray!

The performers run in a line

For those of you who sadly missed this circus, a redux version of this show will be presented on May 23rd at 4pm in Hales Gymnasium.

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