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Why Oberlin: Current Students

April 21, 2021

Cora K. Hasegawa ’19

I’ve already shared many reasons why I love Oberlin and it was the right choice for me; however, every student has their own journey through the college selection process. To help admitted students make their college selection I asked some of our current students why they chose Oberlin.

Taylor '24

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Areas of Study: Psychology, Politics, Education 

“I chose Oberlin for many reasons. The first reason is the people, which seems to be a very common answer among Obies. While I've been a student, my peers have exceeded my expectations in how people should treat each other and kindness has consistently been shown to me by my fellow Obies, professors, and coaches. One of the biggest reasons Oberlin was a good fit for me is because of the academic-athletic-social life balance I have achieved. Oberlin academics matched and exceeded my expectations and I get to play volleyball at a high level that doesn’t overwhelm my schedule and gives me time to explore my other interests and hobbies.”

Jane ‘22

Hometown: Potomac, MD

Areas of Study: Viola Performance, Environmental Studies

“The main reason I chose Oberlin was because of the Double Degree program. I had auditioned for several programs, and after talking with students at all the schools, it seemed that it would be the most feasible at Oberlin, and it definitely has been! Students want to be here and are excited and passionate about many things, which I think allows the campus culture here to be so supportive. Instead of being competitive, when students here hear about their peers' work, they often say, ‘Oh, that's interesting - tell me more.’ This community combined with the liberal arts education have pushed me to become a more capable and empathetic person.”

Morgan '24

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY      

Areas of Study: English, Gender Sexuality & Feminist Studies, Politics

“Oberlin offers the ability to branch out and explore interests I didn't even know I had. There’s a perfect blend of school and community, with clubs, groups, or publications to support and encourage every interest. Looking through the course catalog and the list of majors, I was impressed by the variety and specificity of classes, especially the specificity of certain upper-level courses. Additionally, the town is not far from Cleveland, a relatively big city, yet it is far enough away that there are quiet streets at night and peaceful spots to sit during the day.”

Kaden '24

Hometown: State College, PA

Areas of Study: Psychology, Biology, Hispanic Studies

“Initially, I did not want to come to Oberlin. It wasn’t until I went on my tour when I started to understand what made Oberlin so special. While I toured the campus, random students called out, ‘Welcome to Oberlin! We’re so happy that you’re here.’ I felt a sense of belonging and warmth that other colleges didn’t provide. On that tour, I learned how open-minded, creative, passionate, and diverse Obies are. Any well-regarded school can offer study abroad experiences, academic opportunities, and provide aid in finding internships, but no other school can match the environment Oberlin provides.”

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