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Tosh Phoenix ’23

Hi, all - my name is Tosheania (Ta-she-ona), though everyone calls me Tosh, and I am a first-year. I’m also from the Cleveland area, so I’m a local! I have a passion for learning and am deeply interested in exploring, identifying, and tackling healthcare and education disparities. While at Oberlin, though, I plan on studying Neuroscience and Education Studies. I spend a vast majority of my time in the classroom, studying, or tutoring, but outside of these activities I am typically spending time with friends, watching Netflix, or writing/reading. I am a STRONG scholar, so I had the opportunity to participate in a five-week, paid research program in Oberlin’s Psychology Department prior to beginning my first year. I am also a Bonner Scholar, which is a community-service-based scholarship program. On campus, I plan to get more involved with ABUSUA, which I define as Oberlin’s Black Students Alliance, the Black Scientist Guild, and I hope to continue my research in the Psychology Department. 

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