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Tom Cline ’18

Hey everyone! My name is Tom Cline (he/him/his), and I'm a second year theater major! I'm originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but moved to the San Francisco Bay Area about 12 years ago. I lived in South first semester this year, one of the dorms on campus. This semester, I’m living and dining in Tank, one of the co-ops on campus.

When I'm at home, I enjoy spending time with my many pets. We have 7 dogs (Magnus, Saul, Toli, Osa, Fang, Rocky, Georgia), 2 chickens (Betty and Martha), 3 cats (Katsparov, Hefty, Prince Charles), and 5 goats (Frances, Violet, Dainty June, Dahlia, Diana). Unfortunately, I couldn't bring any of the pets with me to school, but I've found plenty of things to do to keep myself busy.

I'm super involved in theater at Oberlin, and I work for the theater department as an electrician in Hall Auditorium, a Props Loan Assistant, and as a Technical Assistant! This semester, I’m stage managing the main stage play Psycho Beach Party. I’m in both lighting design and stage management, and can usually be spotted on campus dashing between rehearsals humming show tunes, probably with a coffee in my hand.

I’ve also gotten much more involved in OSCA, the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association. OSCA is the umbrella organization all of the dining and housing co-ops belong to, and I’m working as a Cleanliness and Maintenance Coordinator, or CMC. This means I’m responsible for inspecting 4 out of 8 co-ops each week, as well as supporting the food safety/cleanliness people in each co-op. It’s a very new job, but I’m super excited to be more involved and to learn more about the other co-ops!

I spend most of my time in Hall Auditorium, but if you see me wandering around feel free to say hi!

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The Back to School Questions

September 14, 2015

I pretend that being one year older means I know what I'm doing, answer questions Ma'ayan asked in a blog post, and repeatedly talk about how excited I am to be back at Oberlin. This is the blog post I will send to my mom to catch her up on my life when I forget to call her this weekend.


Why I'm Glad Oberlin Has Winter Term

February 8, 2015

I just got back to Oberlin from Atlanta, where I spent my Winter Term. There were lots of things I loved about Winter Term, but there were a few particular things about Winter Term I thought deserved special mention.