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The Perks of Living in Dascomb

November 8, 2012

Ben Reid ’16

If asked six months ago where I live, I would reply "Belmont, Massachusetts, right around the corner from Michael's Pizza and Grove Street Playground." Now, when asked this question, I respond proudly, "Dascomb third floor east!"

There are innumerable benefits to living in Dascomb. One of the more obvious ones is its unbeatable location. Dascomb is perfectly situated such that the north side of the building feeds out into Wilder Bowl and the entrance to Mudd Library, convenient if I ever want to have a picnic outside on a towel or study for my chemistry midterm for five hours in a womb chair. At the same time, the south side leads directly into downtown Oberlin, making it only a thirty-second walk to an Agave burrito. What I love most about Dascomb's location, however, is its unbelievably close proximity to King Memorial Hall-- which happens to house three of my four classes! In fact, King is so close that I once left my dorm room at 10:56 for my 11:00 AM classics class, and arrived two and a half minutes early! I'm not even exaggerating; it's that close.

Another huge advantage to living in Dascomb is having a dining hall on the first floor (the only one that serves breakfast five days a week!). I don't care what you say about "Well, I don't need to eat breakfast anyway"; I said the same. However, starting my day off with a cinnamon roll and a grapefruit every morning is something I wouldn't trade for the world. (OK, maybe that was an exaggeration.)

This dining hall also offers the one and only fourth meal! Fourth meal is super fun to go to, whether you just want to chill with friends or listen to some mainstream pop music, or both. It's also really convenient if you have to miss dinner for whatever reason. Each night's menu has a particular theme--my favorite is Thursday "wings night." They also have delicious meat-like veggie-nuggets, if you don't eat meat.

While these are all undeniable benefits to living in Dascomb, the best thing about where I live is the group of people I live with.

(Cue the corny music--that was embarrassingly sappy.)

3 people hanging out in a dorm room
(From left to right) Connor, Amy, and Michael--some awesome residents of Dascomb third floor east!

I'm serious! The residents of Dascomb third floor east (under the auspices of our RA
Simba) all get along extremely well. Unsuspecting residents from other floors or other dorms are often shocked when they enter our hall to find twenty of us clogging the middle of the hallway, having numerous different conversations at once. These impromptu gatherings have earned the title "hall parties," and are an idiosyncrasy that I have yet to find any place other than our hall.

Batman and friends in the hallway
Me with some of my hallmates on Halloween. (I'm the one who's dressed as a last-minute-I-need-a-costume-nerd.)

I will write more about the people in our hall in another post (watch out, residents of Dascomb third floor east, I'm coming for ya!). Just remember, if you are a prospie and have the special opportunity to come here next year, request to live in Dascomb!

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