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Program Type: Major, Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Department: Sociology

As one of the oldest disciplines at Oberlin, the major in sociology has retained its focus on the systematic study of social phenomena—social unrest; economic and political behavior; culture; inequality; social organization; identity; and related phenomena—by examining the social origins of the self, groups, and institutions.

Why Study Sociology at Oberlin?

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Sample Courses

  • SOCI 112 - Introduction to Sociology: You’re Not the Boss of You 4 credits
  • SOCI 203 - Sociology of Sexuality 4 credits
  • SOCI 378 - Sociology of African-American Community 4 credits
  • SOCI 420 - Social Inequalities: Class, Race, and Gender 4 credits

Sociology Faculty

Sociology department faculty foster critical thinking and social theory among Oberlin’s diverse and engaged students. Our faculty provide students with the tools to address the challenges of global citizenship and inequality in the 21st-century.

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“I am interested in the construction and enforcement of racial, national, and territorial boundaries. My research is situated at the nexus of immigration studies and political sociology with a strong interdisciplinary focus.”

Rick Baldoz, Associate Professor of Sociology and Comparative American Studies
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Sociology News

Charis Stanek standing at commencement, holding her graduation cap

From Peer Listener to Case Worker

July 18, 2018
A double major in sociology and psychology at Oberlin, Stanek transformed her personal interests into the beginning of a career.

Life After Oberlin

Graduates of the Department of Sociology are prepared to pursue advanced study in sociology for careers in teaching or research; apply sociology to such professions as law, public policy, social service agency work, and urban planning; or contribute to such academic majors as psychology, anthropology, history, or political science.