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An Introduction

October 17, 2012

Charlotte Ahlin ’15

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Download the first image. Description follows.

Description of the first image

An 11-panel illustration.

  1. Charlotte is sketching, right-handed, looking down at the paper.
  2. She looks up.
  3. Charlotte waves and says, "Hi! I'm Charlotte. Well, I'm a drawing of Charlotte."
  4. She's thinking of what to say. "Um..."
  5. I'm from Manhattan. (Drawing of a pigeon.)
  6. And I enjoy drawing, (stick drawing of a person, the sun, a small animal, and the word "art")
  7. and reading, (under the covers, reading by flashlight)
  8. writing, (writing words left-handed; "and I'm actually left-handed, those first few panels are misleading")
  9. acting, (a thespian holds up a skull)
  10. and traveling. (A mosque or temple by the seaside.)
  11. My sleeping pattern isn't the greatest. (Charlotte looks tired and grumpy next to a little bird singing cheerfully.)

Download the second image. Description follows.

Description of the second image

A drawing with 2 parts.

  1. And I love Oberlin! (Charlotte in front of Finney Chapel.)
  2. Well, there's your brief introduction to set this blog safely off on its maiden voyage. Stop by next time. Until then, fair winds and good sailing! (A small boat with a square sail. There is a figurehead on the bow, which might be Charlotte.)

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