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Abby Ryder-Huth ’13

Hey! I'm Abby, and I am a second-year student from Ann Arbor, MI. I like Maurice Sendak books and Edward Gorey, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Julia Davis, Found Magazine, The Moth Radio Hour... basically storytelling in all of its forms. I'm not sure what I'm going to major in here, but potentially some combination of creative writing, classics, and English.

Outside of class, I think OSCA (Oberlin Student Cooperative Association) and ExCos are awesome, as they provide the opportunities to improve skills in both vegetable chopping and chocolate tasting. I also have a wonderful job hanging out with kids after school at the Boys and Girls Club, and I try to make it to meetings for Students United for Reproductive Freedoms and the Plum Creek Review, which is our literary journal.

It's also pretty fun to just walk around and talk to people. The people I've met here are wild and smart and funny and creative and strange - the campus is pretty and the buildings are nice and the library is full of books, but the people here are definitely my Oberlin.

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