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I love London. And I love Oberlin because it's going to bring me back.

June 13, 2010

Abby Ryder-Huth ’13

Three days are not enough days to spend in London. Somehow, between an impossibly jet-lagged day one (scared to try hallucinatory drugs? Stay up 36 hours instead!) and a mindlessly booked 7 am train to Paris, my friend from home Sasha and I have managed to see most everything except what you're supposed to see in London. Secret underground club in a tube station? Check. East Acton because we got on the wrong bus? Of course, of course. Pret a Manger because we were too cheap for real restaurants? Obviously. Notably missing from the list are Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The Globe (Sasha is a theater major at NYU. She should be ashamed.) and every single museum/important building. We did however see London Bridge, which was disappointing because it actually didn't fall down after all.

Thank goodness I will have a chance to redeem my failures at sight-seeing next spring, when a wee bit of Oberlin skips over for some intensive London-ing, on the Oberlin-in-London program. Four months worth of London-ing in fact, which is forty times more than the time I've spent there this summer. Maybe we will even go to a museum or something? Or see some royal people? Or Colin Firth or someone like that... At least we won't make the mistake of looking for the garden in Covent Garden. See, London is essentially full of lies, mostly about where there are or are not gardens. Maybe us Obies can plant some next year. That is, if we're not too busy having tea & scones, and soaking up the smartness that radiates like the sun might, if only it ever shone there. I'm very excited. Clouds are immensely appealing.

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