The Honors Program in history offers the opportunity for recognition of distinguished achievement in historical research and writing.

Qualified students apply to enter the Honors Program. Covering the two semesters of the senior year, the program provides qualified majors with training both in the analysis and criticism of historical scholarship and the intellectual experience for interested students regardless of whether they plan to pursue graduate work in history. Proposals are due in mid-April and should be prepared in consultation with department faculty.

Honors Thesis

Year Title Author Advisor
2017 Finding Music’s Words: Moses and Aron and Viennese Jewish Modernism Maurice Cohn Annemarie Sammartino
2017 “The Fountain Pen and the Typewriter”: The Rise of the Homophile Press in the 1950’s and 1960’s Elizabeth Coretto Renee Romano
2017 Ninety Seconds in Charleston: How Historical Memory and Myth sustain Racial Inequality in America Kaia Diringer Renee Romano
2017 “The Second in our Union” Shaping State Narratives in the Leningrad Metro Ian Gilchrist Leonard V. Smith
2017 “A Dream Deferred”: Olga Berggolts and Postwar Disillusionment in the USSR, 1945-1954 Lily Posner Annemarie Sammartino
2017 The 1973 Oil Embargo and US-Saudi Relations: An Episode in New Imperialism Nate Sher Zeinab Abul-Magd
2016 “Parental Advisory, Explicit Contest: Music Censorship and the American Cuture Wars” Gavin Ratcliffe Clayton Koppes
2016 “Music-making in a Joyous Sense”: Democratization, Modernity, and Community at Benjamin Britten’s Aldeburgh Festival of Music and the Arts Daniel Hautzinger Annmarie Samartino
2016 “An Icon of Heroic ‘Degeneracy’: The Journey of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Self-Portrait as a Soldier” Megan Mette Leonard V. Smith
2016 “‘I Had this Dream, This Desire, This Vision 35 years-To See it All Once More’; The Munich Visiting Program, 1960-1972” Jesse Gamoran Annmarie Samartino
2016 “Contested Land, Contested Representations: Revisiting the Arab Revolt of 1936-1939 in Palestine” Gabriel Brown Zeinab Abul-Magd