History Design Lab

The History Design Lab is a collaborative community of students, faculty and staff working on original research-based projects centered on history.

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These projects typically deviate from the standard history paper or research project to focus on innovative ways to answer questions about history. These approaches could range from digital humanities, exhibit design, oral history, podcasts, historical fiction, and public history.

Some of these methods require the involvement of faculty and staff from departments other than history, and some students major in other disciplines as well.

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The History Design Lab also offers a unique opportunity to build community through learning, mentoring, and support. Collectively, the students, faculty, and staff brainstorm ideas while also adding expertise to troubleshoot any issues that arise in the development of a project.

The lab meets weekly to workshop projects, discuss new ideas, and learn new approaches to designing projects about history. Participation in the lab is open to anyone who wishes to be involved.

In addition to our weekly sessions, we host a blog that features posts authored by participants in the lab. This year we will launch an annual publication that features student work and research in the Oberlin Digital Commons.

Current projects include:

Interested in participating in the labor want to know more? Send email to Assistant Professor of History Tamika Y. Nunley at tnunley@oberlin.edu .