Department Prizes

Frederick B. Artz Grant

History honors students are eligible to apply for research grants funded by the Frederick B. Artz Lectureship. The research grant may be used for the summer preceding the senior year, or during the academic year, such as during fall break or winter term. No student may receive more than one grant.

Proposals are reviewed in May (for projects for the coming academic year) and in October. A subcommittee of the history department reviews each proposal.

Mardie Wheatley Blanchard Scholarship

Established in 1983 by her husband, Converse H. Blanchard, and her children, Beth, Margaret, Jean and Brian. The income from this fund is to be used to create an annual award for a woman history major who has completed her junior year at Oberlin College. The scholarship will be awarded by the director of financial aid in consultation with the Department of History. The student selected for this honor should exhibit a developing thoughtful and judicious personal life. These are to be the primary selection criteria. Plans for graduate study and or original research are of secondary importance to the intent of this scholarship.

2021–2022 Recipients

  • Alexandra Adelman  
  • Charlotte Apter
  • Reilly Jackman
  • Rebecca Kades
  • Mary (Cammy) Riemann

George G. and Carrie C. Life Scholarship

Established in August 1936 by bequest of George Grant and Carrie Cotterman Life of Chicago, Illinois. The income of the fund provides scholarships in American history.

2021–2022 Recipients

  • Fangjian (Jerry) Shang
  • Shogo Ishikawa
  • Joseph Terranova
  • Alexander Copetas
  • Vikram Perry
  • Callie Howard
  • Jack Phillips
  • Corley Friesen-Johnson
  • Nathan Silverstein
  • Elliott DeGrace
  • Lauren Tannenbaum

Comfort Starr Prize in History

Established in July, 1902 by gift of $2,500 from Merritt Starr of Chicago, Illinois, to which was added his gift of $2,000 to the Endowment and Building Fund of 1923. By direction of the donor, interest is to be added to the principal of the fund until it reaches the sum of $10,000. The income is to be used (first) to pay term bills and college charges of every kind, other than those for board and lodging of the children of Merritt Starr in any department of Oberlin College; (second) to pay for the education of deserving scholars in the college department in the studies of civics, economics, political history, and kindred subjects, as a reward for excellence in such studies.

2021–2022 Recipients

  • Abijah Ahern
  • Ibrahim Chaudry  
  • Michael Plevin