Oberlin Financial Lecture Series

The Department of Economics’ Oberlin Financial Lecture Series was established in April 2007 with a gift from two alumni from the Classes of ’81 and ’82. This gift supports the teaching, research, and development of finance-related aspects of the economics department curriculum, which includes hosting an annual speaker.

These lectures are free.

Past Speakers


Ellis W. Tallman (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
“Fighting Financial Crises: Learning from the Past”


Owen A. Lamont ’88 (Wellington Management Company, LLP)
“Bitcoin Bubble? Lessons from History”


Richard L. Sandor (University of Chicago Law School)
“Financial Innovation: The Convergence of Environmental and Financial Markets”


Richard E. Sylla (Stern School of Business, NYU)
“Alexander Hamilton: A Reconsideration”

Edward McKelvey ’68 (Oberlin College)
“The 2007-09 Financial Crisis: A Retrospective”


Victoria Ivashina (Harvard Business School)
“The Changing Nature of Credit”


Richard J. Herring ’68 (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
“Too Big to Fail: Have We Ended it?” 


Gary B. Gorton ’73 (Yale School of Management)
“The Financial Crisis: What Happened?”