Office of Alumni Engagement

Regional Alumni Communities

What Are Regional Alumni Communities?

Regional alumni communities are geographically based groups of Oberlin alumni, supporters and friends. They exist to promote the college through communications, community relations, current and future student outreach, camaraderie, career networking, continuing education and much more. Oberlin communities around the globe connect fellow Obies and friends with each other and the college.

How Can I Get Involved?

If you have an idea for an activity, we would be happy to work with you to plan an event. Our office can provide support in many ways, including planning efforts, sending communications, collecting registrations and providing name tags and day of event materials.

6-8 weeks from event:

4-6 weeks from event:           

  • Event fee determined (if applicable)
  • Invitation details sent to Office of Alumni Engagement
  • *E-invitations sent and registration page created
  • *Event added to regional events and marketed on social media
  • Catering order details discussed with venue

1-3 weeks from event:         

  • *Reminder email sent
  • *Event re-advertised through social media

7-10 days from event:

  • Final registrant number provided to venue 

1 week from event:           

  • *Event supplies mailed to Regional Coordinator 

Day before event:         

  • *Final guest list prepared
  • *Reminder email sent to registrants

Day of event:         

  • Arrive early to venue
  • Set up registration table
  • Welcome and check in alumni as they arrive
  • Record accurate attendance
  • Take photos throughout event, both candid and posed (as photos are taken, ensure those in the picture give permission to use photo post-event)

Post Event:         

  • Email final attendance list and photos to Office of Alumni Engagement
  • Mail extra giveaway items, banner, final receipts, and W-9 form, if applicable, back to Office of Alumni Engagement (return package provided)

* Handled by Office of Alumni Engagement