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Obiewood “Art of the Pitch” Series Proposal Guidelines & Form

Obiewood: Oberlin Entertainment Network
Obiewood: Oberlin Entertainment Network

In celebration of the new Obiewood Online Community, the LA Working Group of the Obiewood: Oberlin Entertainment Network is hosting a two-part webinar series, “The Art of the Pitch”:
Part One: Components & Approach
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
5 - 6 p.m. PST
 (8 p.m. EST)
Using examples from Oberlin alumni pitch proposals, the LA Working Group will walk you through the components of different pitch presentations—from television to film—as well as the perspective and approach that it takes to adapt your great creative idea into a viable, marketable pitch.

Part Two: Master Class
Saturday, October 17, 2020
10-11:30 a.m. PST 
(1 p.m. EST)
Three pre-selected Oberlin alumni will present a ten-minute pitch in this master class-style. The LA Working Group will provide feedback, critique and guidance to demonstrate the diversity of industry scenarios.
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These webinars are free and open to the Oberlin College community to learn more about the art of creating and refining a pitch. Oberlin alumni are invited to submit a proposal for discussion and potential selection for the master class. 

Both webinars will be presented by the LA Working Group of the Obiewood: Oberlin Entertainment Network in Los Angeles, a group of alumni and parent industry professionals who have helped shape the Obiewood community. They are Tasha Cohan '11; Steve Dolcemaschio P'16, P'23; Andrew Guest ‘99; Ed Helms '96; and Kieran Mulroney P'21.

Pitch Proposal Guidelines:

  • Topic areas are open to any fictional scripted genre or theme in either television or film
  • Pitches may be submitted by a creative team of up to 3 Oberlin alumni
  • Participants must submit a proposal through the form below by Monday, August 24
  • When submitting your proposal, you are encouraged to:
    • Describe the world, characters and main plot points (for television, include the pilot story and how it plays out into the series). How can you convey your concept as succinctly as possible? The word count is limited on purpose. Be creative with packing as much of your voice, the characters, and the world in as small a package as possible. Pitches are always best when they are short and “stick” with their audience.
    • Address what makes this topic compelling and why this story needs to be told at this particular moment.  What’s unique about your idea? How can it stand out in a crowded marketplace?
    • Consider what distinct perspective you and/or your team bring to the topic that make you the best choice for this project. This is your opportunity to connect your story with your pitch. Strong pitches often stem from something personal.  

Please complete your proposal by Monday, August 24.