The Role of the Class President

Class Presidents have a key role in furthering, within their respective classes, the purpose of the Alumni Association: “to support the continuing excellence of Oberlin College, including the College of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music, and to foster communication between the college and its alumni and among alumni.” (Alumni Association Bylaws, Article I.)

Each Class President is responsible for executing the tasks in an effective and timely manner. See more specific information in the sections below.

The Executive Director shall administer the procedures for selecting class officers and shall monitor their performance.

Prior to graduation, the members of each senior class of the college shall select from among the members of the class a Class President and at least one other officer and may select any additional officers that they deem appropriate. The officers shall serve until the class’s fifth-year reunion. During that reunion year and each reunion year thereafter, the members of the class shall select officers to serve until the next reunion year. Each member of the class may nominate one or more class members for each officer position to be filled. The Class President may appoint a nominations committee to present a slate of additional nominees. Nominees for officer positions will be distributed to all class members whose contact information is known at that time.

If any Class President ceases to serve, the Vice President of that class, if any, succeeds to the presidency for the remainder of the former Class President’s term. If no Vice President is available to succeed to the presidency, the Executive Director, in consultation with the President of the Association, shall appoint a President to serve for the remainder of the term.

The Class Officers have a key role in furthering, within their respective classes, the goals of the Association. The Class President shall serve as the executive officer of the class for all matters, shall call and preside at any meeting of the class, and may establish and appoint the members of any class committee as deemed appropriate. Except as delegated to any other officer by the class, the Class President also is responsible for coordinating reunion plans with the Class Vice President and a reunion committee; communicating with the members of the class at least annually about activities at the college, alumni volunteer opportunities, and matters concerning the class; and providing class notes, web updates, award nominations, and contact updates for members of the class.

For cluster reunions, the Class Officers are expected to productively work together with the other Class Officers in their cluster to create a fun, stimulating, and meaningful reunion that appeals to the vast majority of potential participants. In the event that the Class Officers do not fulfill the responsibility of reunion planning in a timely manner, the Executive Director, in consultation with the President of the Association, may appoint alternative leadership for reunion planning.

The Class President is encouraged to support the fundraising efforts of the Class Agents and other class fundraising volunteers, especially during a reunion gift campaign. As part of the agreement to serve as a key volunteer, all Class Presidents shall be required to make a financial contribution to the college annually.

Class Officers are expected to demonstrate an interest in alumni activities occurring in their locale.

Class Officers shall select one Class President to serve as a representative of all Class Officers for a three-year term on the Council. This will be accomplished by soliciting interest among Class Presidents and taking nominations from Officers. The vote will occur through online voting by Class Officers, who will be sent a ballot of nominees and the nominees’ statements of interest.

The Office of Alumni Relations will tally the results and report them to the Council, which will affirm the Class Officer representative. In most cases this will be the nominee with the most votes; however, the Council retains the right to also consider factors that will maintain diversity of representatives on the Council.

The members of each class that is celebrating or has celebrated its 50th reunion are members of the Half-Century Club, which holds a reunion annually.

Class Officer List

1940s Officers
1942 President: Hunter Dupree
1943 President: Mary Hartson McCalla
1946 President: Donald Illig
1948 President: Martha “Marty” Lipson Lepow
1950s Officers
1950 President: Jean Mitchell Duggan
1951 President: Don Schalch
Vice President: J. Barton Harrison
1953 President: Jeanne Pagnucco Atkinson
1954 President: George Shambaugh
Vice President: Thelma Morris
1955 President: Helen Thompson Taylor
1956 President: John “Jack” Kemp
Vice President: Robert McClusky
1957 President: Richard Rooney
Vice President: Jane Coutts
1958 President: Maxine Wenzler Houck
Vice President: Carl Gerber
1959 President: Richard Hall
Vice President: Polly Dyck Carroll
1960s Officers
1960 President: John Donaldson
Vice President: Midge Wood Brittingham
Vice President: Ron Chastain
1961 President: Roger Buffett
Vice President: Larry Herndon
1962 President: Dieter Knecht
Vice President: Sidney Whitaker
1963 President: Charles Wantman
Vice President: Andrew Zvara
1964 President: Maurice Dysken
Vice President: Carl McDaniel
1965 President: Michael Faden
Vice President: Ann Richards Anderson
1966 President: Donna Swarts Bath
Vice President: Sharon Davis Grott
Vice President: Mary Winters Behm
1967 President: Timothy Hurson
1968 President: Gideon Y. Schein
Vice President: Paul Safyon
1969 President: Wayne Alpern
Vice President: Carol McLaughlin Fishwick
1970s Officers
1970 President: Reid Wood
Vice President: Yvonne Hughes
1971 President: Martin Oppenheimer
1972 President: Michael Sculnick
Vice President: Bruce Breslauer
1973 President: Charles Spitulnik
1974 President: Sandy Mattingly
1975 President: Kathi Simon Eastham
1976 President: Bill Bradford
Vice President: Nancy Olah
1978 President: Mike Markovits
1979 President: Béla Schwartz
Vice President: Alfred Bobb
1980s Officers
1980 President: Mark Gross
1981 President: George Hovanec
Vice President: Larry Rosenthal
1982 President: Carol Silverman-Kurtz
Vice President: Brandon Burnette
1983 President: Wendy Uhlmann
Vice President: Teresa McCollough
1984 President: Barbara Distler
Vice President: Yolanda Figueroa
Vice President: Dennis Rosenbaum
1985 President: Sarah Anderson Richards
1986 President: Adam Pressman
President: Alice Rogot Pressman
1987 President: Lorriann Olan
President: John Charles
1988 President: John K. Glenn
1990s Officers
1991 President: Delfon McSpadden
1993 President: Mel Maisel
Vice President: Evan Dawley
1994 President: Melora Owen Bentz
1995 President: Verlinda Powell
Vice President: Oscar Reyes
1996 President: Katherine Readey
Vice President: Stephania Fregosi
1997 President: Michelle Tichy
Vice President: Andrew Marcus
1998 President: Elana Gartner Golden
Vice President: Joshua Kaye
1999 President: Tiffanie Luckett
Vice President: Ijeoma Anusionwu
2000s Officers
2000 President: Douglas Gerlatch
2001 President: Chris Miller
Vice President: Jose Melendez
2002 President: Jessica Marish
Vice President: Mateo Munoz
2003 President: Asheley Smith
2004 President: Lauren Haynes
2005 President: Megan Whitman
2006 President: Brandi Eng-Rohrbach
2007 President: Melissa Hines-Shungu
2008 President: Marie Barnett
President: Lei Zhao
2009 President: Michael Emerson Dirda
Vice President: Hadley Iliff
2010s Officers
2010 President: Will Yon
Vice President: Sam Draisin
2011 President: Anna Brown
Vice President: Caitlin Roseum
2012 President: Rebecca Hargrove
Vice President: Terence Hsieh
2013 President: Dana Paikowsky
President: Eloise Reid
2014 President: Joelle Lingat
Vice President: John Bergen
2015 President: Gabriel Moore
Vice President: Christophe Beaumier