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Digital Engagement Center

Digital Engagement Center

The Digital Engagement Center is an effort through the Office of Advancement to promote student philanthropy on campus and raise money for the Annual Fund. Student callers are essential to the success of these efforts, and to connecting alumni and parents with the college and conservatory. Our callers, known as Student Ambassadors, contact thousands of alumni and parents each year to ask for gifts and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars! Student Ambassadors also provide opportunities for Oberlin students to participate in philanthropic efforts throughout the academic year as well as promoting the Senior Class Gift program!

Want to Hear from an Ambassador?

Schedule a call with a Student Ambassador here.

Our Student Ambassador program is an on-campus job that any student can apply for! Student Ambassadors are some of the highest paid students on campus and working with the Annual Fund is an excellent way to boost your network and involvement at Oberlin.

See the full job description here.


Student Ambassadors start at $11/hour and receive .25 cent raises every semester they are a caller. Raises (capped at $13.75/hour) are also given based on merit and promotion to supervisor-level roles.

The Digital Engagement Center provides many opportunities for students to get involved based on what interests them most! Once hired, students can work as philanthropy event planners, senior class gift committee members, and campus creators.

Plan and participate in philanthropic events, network with influential alumni, and see your work directly benefit your school!

Interested in Applying?

Please reach out via email at to apply. You can also reach a representative from the Office of Advancement at 440-775-8550.