Office of Advancement

Donor Recognition Societies

John Frederick Oberlin Society

We invite you to join the ranks of our most committed donors. John Frederick Oberlin Society members (JFO Society) play a critical role in advancing Oberlin College and Conservatory. Through their leadership gifts, JFO Society members help to expand transformational opportunities for students. There are many ways you can reach the leadership giving threshold and join the JFO Society. Consider making a recurring gift or utilizing a matching gift from your company.

Recent Graduates

Our newest Obies can take advantage of special giving levels to join the JFO Society and gain access to a powerful network of Oberlin supporters. Through your 5th reunion, Oberlin alumni can become JFO Society members with a cumulative gift of $250 within the fiscal year ($20.83/month). Through your 10th reunion, Oberlin alumni can become JFO Society members with a cumulative gift of $500 within the fiscal year ($41.67/month).

Loyal Donors

Alumni who have gone beyond their 10th reunion and friends of the College and Conservatory can become JFO Society members with a cumulative annual gift of $1,833 ($152.75/month) in celebration of the founding of the College in 1833. 


In recognition of your loyal support, all JFO Society members will be invited to the annual Leadership Donor Reception, which is held during Commencement Reunion Weekend.

Just as John Frederick Oberlin served his community—always seeking to improve the lives of its members—our alumni and friends strengthen our community when they give back to Oberlin. We appreciate your generous and loyal support of the College and Conservatory. Thank you for giving us the means to continue creating opportunities for students. We are grateful you took the time to affirm your belief in the Oberlin education by renewing your giving to the JFO Society.

Illumination Society

The Illumination Society recognizes loyal donors who give to Oberlin College and Conservatory every year. Membership to the Illumination society begins with a third consecutive annual gift and continues with ongoing support. These gifts can be outright gifts, pledge payments, and multiyear pledges to any designation that supports the Oberlin College and Conservatory campus community. We invite you to join this loyal community and be recognized for your commitment to empower our extraordinary students and faculty.