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The Oberlin Parents Fund, together with the Oberlin Annual Fund, serves as a vital resource for meeting the unrestricted day-to-day needs of the college, which include—most importantly—student financial aid and scholarships. 

Tuition covers just 50 percent of the cost of a year at Oberlin; even students not receiving financial aid benefit from the generosity of parents and alumni. By making a gift to the Parents Fund, you will help bridge the gap between tuition and the cost of providing an Oberlin education, while amplifying your son’s or daughter’s educational experiences.

Enriching the Student Experience

Some examples of the Parents Fund in action include: 

  • Funding internships that allow students to engage in meaningful experiential learning opportunities
  • Offering generous financial aid to talented students regardless of their ability to pay
  • Supporting student life through extracurricular organizations, counseling services, athletics, and recreation
  • Providing funds for conservatory student travel

Giving to the Oberlin Parents Fund means you’re investing in the things that make Oberlin extraordinary—its students and the programs that serve them. 

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You may also mail your gift to:
Oberlin College Office of Advancement
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