Next Steps: Transfer Students

Congrats! You're in.

We celebrate your admission to Oberlin College! We are thrilled you will be joining us and look forward to helping you begin your academic career. Use this checklist to help prepare for your arrival.

Confirm Your Enrollment

To confirm your enrollment, complete the online Reply to Offer of Admission form and submit your matriculation deposit by May 1, or within two weeks of the date of your acceptance letter if you were admitted after April 15.  The $300 matriculation fee is refundable upon graduation from Oberlin. If you are enrolling in the Double Degree Program (BM/BA), only one matriculation fee is required. (Please note that we are unable to refund your deposit if you do not follow through with your enrollment.)


Confirm Your Enrollment


If you will not be accepting our offer of admission, please let us know by completing the online Reply to Offer of Admission form.


Next Steps

Once you’ve told us the good news, it’s important to stay on top of a few things to make sure your Oberlin experience gets off to a great start.

Submit official SAT or ACT scores by June 1 if you asked for scores to be considered and included only self-reported test scores as part of your admissions application.

Maintain the level of academic performance and course load as presented in your application. You must contact us before making changes to the courses that were listed in your application materials

Inform us of any disciplinary action or unlawful conduct. You must contact the Office of Admissions within two weeks if you are placed on probation, suspended, dismissed from school, or if criminal charges are brought against you. Failure to do so may lead to the revocation of our offer of admission.

Access your new student forms. Important forms related to your enrollment will be accessible online after we have received your matriculation deposit and generated your Oberlin email account. Please be attentive to form deadlines.

April/May 2023

Select your housing and meal plans. The priority deadline to register for housing is June 1. You’ll receive detailed information about how to complete this process. For more information about housing options, visit the housing website.    

June 2023

Request your final transcript. If you are currently enrolled in another college, we will need a copy of your final transcript before you can start classes at Oberlin. We recommend you request your transcript by June 30. Our offer of admission is based on our expectation that you will maintain the level of academic rigor and performance demonstrated in your application as well as a high level of personal conduct. You will not be permitted to complete course registration until we have received your final transcript.

A final evaluation of your college credits will be done by the Office of the Registrar after we have received your matriculation deposit and a final transcript from each of the post- secondary institutions attended.

July 2023

Bill payment. The Office of Student Accounts will mail your fall semester bill covering tuition, fees, housing, and dining. For more information about payment plans and other details, visit the Office of Student Accounts page.

August 2023

Attend New Student Orientation. Our orientation for transfer students will introduce you to the wide range of resources available at Oberlin. You’ll also complete your course registration. 

Conservatory Only

Teacher assignments: Students in areas with more than one faculty studio must submit the Teacher Preference Request Form found on your Applicant Portal. Students who have not yet received an assignment will typically be notified throughout April. We encourage you to connect with faculty directly to help determine your preferences.

Class and ensemble placement: Over the summer, the conservatory dean’s office will send you information regarding music theory/aural skills and piano placement, plus ensemble auditions. Visit the Dean's Office website for more details and updates.



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