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This page is a collection we've assembled just for you to demonstrate what sets Oberlin apart. Review the resources below, and when you’re ready, our students, faculty, and staff have put together a full lineup of virtual events and programs so that you can explore what it means to live and learn at Oberlin.

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Why We Chose Oberlin

We walked around campus and asked students why they chose Oberlin. Here’s what they had to say.

Why Yemko Chose Oberlin

“I wanted to go to a school where I could do science while still doing something like Africana studies.”

Why Patrick Chose Oberlin

Integrated institutions: college and conservatory.

Why Ellisa Chose Oberlin

“The community is the perfect size for me.”

Virtual Events

Select from a variety of events designed to help you explore life at Oberlin and picture yourself here. Join a class, tour the campus, ask questions at a webinar, and engage with current students. Check back often for additions to the schedule.

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Why Will You Choose Oberlin?

You’ll probably come up with your own reasons without our help. But if you’d like some inspiration, here are a few ideas.

Winter Term

Where you pick the project and Oberlin gives you the entire month of January to pursue it.

Winter Term 2020 Photo Story

Music Opportunities

You don't have to be enrolled in the Conservatory to take advantage of our incredible music resources—including 500+ performances a year.

Music Opportunities FAQ

Paid Internships

Oberlin’s Career Development Center offers the programming and resources throughout your time at Oberlin to help launch your career. 

Career Programs and Resources

Research Opportunities

Have you seen what our students are working on with their faculty mentors?

Featured Student Researchers

Our Local Community

With restaurants, shops, a “Big Parade,” and a kitten shelter, our little town has a lot going for it.

Emma’s Guide to Downtown Oberlin

The Living Machine

Our environmental studies building has a “living machine” that treats and recycles wastewater on-site.

Living Machine Specs

The Student Experience

By now you’ve probably read a few posts by Oberlin’s bloggers. Here’s their take on what makes Oberlin such a special place.

Campus from the Inside

An emotional geography of Oberlin.

Minerva Macarrulla ’23
Brooklyn, New York


What I Learned From Graduating Seniors

On resume-building and summer internships.

Tim Martin ’22
Broward County, Florida


A Major Decision

Some people come to college knowing exactly what they want to major in. I was not one of those people.

Janelle Ickes ’22
Nashville, Tennessee


Sounds and Sights of the Oberlin Experience

Sophia Interns at The City Club of Cleveland

Undergraduate Research

Music Opportunities at Oberlin

Athletes Among Us: Malaika Djungu-Sungu

Engaged Liberal Arts: Connected Learning at Oberlin

Moving Through It: Department of Dance

Obie Pride

Get some digital swag to celebrate your admission to Oberlin!

Download GIFs, add social media lenses and filters, and hear playlists put together for you by a number of Obies—including President Ambar.

Oberlin pennant with animated motion.

Show your Obie Pride

After Oberlin

What lies ahead for Oberlin graduates? They’ve risen to the challenge of rigorous academics, they’ve pursued their passions and taken advantage of real-world experience, and now they’re ready to forge their own paths.

A Career in the Creative Side of Journalism

March 4, 2021

Justine Goode ’16 has always wanted to work at a print magazine in either a design or an editorial capacity. Today, the former editor of the Grape, Oberlin's alternative student newspaper, is fulfilling both career goals at Vanity Fair.

Justine Goode

The Transition From Student Senate to Washington, D.C.

December 8, 2020

When he was growing up, Machmud Makhmudov ’15 noticed how communities from different parts of the world created lives that struggled, grew, and thrived alongside one another. That insight served him well as a policy advisor for the presidential campaign and stands to be an impression in his new role with the incoming Biden Administration.

Machmud Makhmudov

Persistence, Practice, and Determination

February 2, 2021

After graduating from Oberlin’s Double Degree Program with majors in jazz bass performance and Africana Studies, Caylen Bryant ’17 went on to perfect her own sound and head a music program handed down to her by author and musician James McBride ’79.



In recent years, Oberlin students have worked with BBC America, Columbia Pictures, Environmental Defense Fund, IBM, Japan Airlines, National Science Foundation, NPR, Project on Middle East Democracy, Texas Legal Services, U.S. Congress, and the World Bank.

Graduate School

92% of new Oberlin grads who applied to graduate school received two or more acceptances; 81% are at their top choice. Popular grad schools include Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Juilliard, Rice, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, and Yale.


First employers of recent graduates include national leaders in health care, finance, science, tech, and the arts, including Facebook, Google, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, MSNBC, the National Institutes of Health, Netflix, NPR, the Smithsonian Institution, Spotify, Teach For America, and Twitter.

How to Utilize the Virtual Experience Program

When you’re about to make a big decision, it’s always best to be as informed as you can. Here are a few ways to take advantage of the events and resources provided by Oberlin’s Virtual Experience.

  • Check your email daily. We're going to send you a weekly overview of what’s happening, and we’ll also send reminders about things you’ve registered for.
  • Attend at least one class virtually—seeing Oberlin students and faculty in action is the best way to preview your experience here. We have an extensive list of classes you can take, so you’re sure to find something that piques your interest.
  • Come to a virtual Academic Department Fair to meet faculty and learn about the programs that interest you.
  • Whenever possible (and certainly when required), register in advance for events. This will help us provide a better experience for you.

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