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Although the situation with Covid-19 prevents us from having visitors on campus, our students, faculty, and staff have put together a full lineup of online events and programs to help you get to know us.

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Below we have gathered a collection of stories and videos to help you get to know Oberlin even better. Jump in! Double Degree? Connect with the Conservatory, too.

Why We Chose Oberlin

We walked around campus and asked students why they chose Oberlin. Here’s what they had to say.

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What We Value About Oberlin

We asked students, faculty, and staff what they value most about Oberlin. Here's what they told us.

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The Oberlin Stories Project

We have collected hundreds of personal narratives from students, alumni, faculty, and staff that explain the merits and strengths of Oberlin through the eyes of those who have experienced it firsthand.

Ellen and friends on the walkway of an urban bridge

On trying new things

Ellen Drake ’15
“My whole life I have opposed most forms of personal change with all of my being...Much to my surprise, I felt my anxiety start to abate within hours of being on campus.”
A group of friends, all smiling

On being an international student at Oberlin

Chetan Poudel ’14
“The international student orientation days always come to mind as serving as the springboard that launched me headfirst into the charms of Oberlin’s diverse and global connections.”

Peer Learning and Leadership

Learning from peers is central to the Oberlin experience, and Obies excel at helping Obies. The Peer Advising Leaders (PAL) program aims to create a sense of community among first-year students and will help you make the most of your educational experience.

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Study Away

Oberlin believes that all students should have the opportunity to spend a semester or year away from campus on an academic program in a different part of the country or world. In fact, 80% of students travel off campus for study, service, internships, or Winter Term.

Student Blogs

The Oberlin Blogs are produced by a team of students who offer a variety of unfiltered perspectives about the Oberlin experience.

Getting Off Campus

With so much happening on campus, it would be easy to never leave! But you’d miss out on a lot. From the city of Oberlin to nearby Cleveland and beyond, there are hundreds of opportunities to experience life in Northeast Ohio.


Oberlin is an NCAA Division III institution and part of the North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC), the first conference in the country devoted to giving an equal emphasis to men’s and women’s sports. 350 student athletes compete in 21 varsity sports. Oberlin also offers 19 club sports as well as free fitness programs in our new health and wellness center.

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33 Questions for Faculty

We asked faculty members (and President Ambar!) a range of questions about their work and life at Oberlin (33 questions to be exact, to honor the year in which Oberlin was founded). Here’s what they had to say!

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Employers know that students who study the liberal arts are able to reason, analyze, and communicate—skills that translate to the boardroom, the Peace Corps, the chem lab, the concert hall, and everywhere in between.

A smiling graduate in cap and gown


First employers of recent graduates include national leaders in health care, finance, science, tech, and the arts, including Facebook, Google, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, MSNBC, the National Institutes of Health, Netflix, NPR, the Smithsonian Institution, Spotify, Teach For America, and Twitter.
A group of people stands below a Google sign


As you explore possible career paths throughout your Oberlin experience, an abundance of internships and pre-professional opportunities are available to you. In recent years, Oberlin students have worked with BBC America, Columbia Pictures, Environmental Defense Fund, IBM, Japan Airlines, National Science Foundation, NPR, Project on Middle East Democracy, Texas Legal Services, U.S. Congress, and the World Bank.
Three people in graduation caps

Graduate School

92% of new Oberlin grads who applied to graduate school received two or more acceptances; 81% are at their top choice. Popular grad schools include Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Juilliard, Rice, UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, and Yale.

After Oberlin

Follow recent Oberlin graduates as they land in highly coveted positions and career-making internships and graduate programs.

Two people post with bird mascot.

Educator in Death Valley National Park: Marcus Hill ’19

February 21, 2020
Geology graduate Marcus Hill is working alongside seasoned park rangers to run education programs for elementary school students. As one of the few geologists on staff, he’s discovering that visitors are excited to learn about rocks from someone who spent the last four years working with rocks.

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