Jazz Performance applicants must submit a screening audition for review via the Audition and Screening Dropbox on your Applicant Portal.

Screening Recordings and Recorded Auditions must be audio/video recordings. Audio-only recordings will not be accepted.

  • Screening deadline: December 4

Screening and Final Audition Requirements

Two pieces of contrasting tempo including a ballad (e.g., “Body and Soul,” “Angel Eyes,” “When I Fall In Love,” etc.) and something more up tempo, either swing or straight eighth feel (bossa, or samba feel, etc.). (E.g., “I Could Write a Book,” “My Shining Hour,” “It Could Happen to You,” etc.). Both selections should be accompanied by a background track.

On Campus

When auditioning on campus, prospective jazz vocal students will be required to provide 4 copies of sheet music in the proper key, chord charts, or lead sheets (preferred) for the accompanying rhythm section.


For off-campus auditions, applicants are expected to provide a recorded backing track for whatever they choose to sing. Please bring your own bluetooth-enabled, portable playback device for backing track (ex. phone, iPod, etc) or playback device with standard 3.5mm headphone jack (such as a portable CD player). We will provide a Bluetooth-enabled speaker with line-in.