Submission of the AAPR Final Report

May 17, 2019

To: Carmen Ambar, President

Re: Submission of ONE OBERLIN, The AAPR Final Report

Dear President Ambar,

After an intensive year of examination, exploration, and consultation, the Academic and Administrative Program Review Steering Committee respectfully submits for your consideration our final report, “One Oberlin,” and the recommendations it details.  The report comes to you with a resounding vote of endorsement by the General Faculty.

We believe these recommendations fulfill both the initial charge to the AAPR Steering Committee and the additional guidance provided by the Board of Trustees, as specified in the report. The recommendations are focused on enhancing student learning outcomes and supporting academic and artistic excellence. We also believe that this report and the process it represents fulfill the commitments we made to the Oberlin community last fall to conduct a process that is authentic to Oberlin, inclusive, transparent, and respectful of faculty oversight of the curriculum.  It offers a pathway for Oberlin to thrive, now and in the future.

Countless hours of conversation with faculty, students, staff, alumni, and other interested parties helped to shape these recommendations, and bolstered our confidence in the vision they illuminate. As an interdependent set of innovations and reforms, these recommendations represent the best opportunity to continue building on the excellence of Oberlin’s education, scholarship, and creativity, fulfilling a mission of service and leadership to our own community, the nation, and the world.

Even as these recommendations point Oberlin to the path for long-term success, we recognize that the work must not stop here. We hope the AAPR — in its rigor, its enterprise, and its community-wide dedication to the best interests of Oberlin — provides both a platform and a precedent for further exploration and action, helping Oberlin to project its historic leadership.

We thank you for your confidence and support through the AAPR. Your leadership catalyzed our work and made its completion possible. We also extend our thanks to the Board of Trustees, and to the faculty, students, staff, alumni, and friends of Oberlin, whose spirit and participation can be found on every page of this report.


The Academic and Administrative Program Review Steering Committee

  • David Kamitsuka, Chair of the AAPR Steering Committee and Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • William Quillen, Vice Chair of the AAPR Steering Committee and Acting Dean of the Conservatory
  • Brian Alegant, Professor of Music Theory
  • Corey Barnes ’98, Associate Professor and Chair of Religion
  • Cristina Briboneria ’05, Alumni Leadership Council at-large member
  • Ron Cheung, Professor and Chair of Economics
  • Kameron Dunbar, Class of 2019, Chair of Student Senate
  • Sebastiaan Faber, Professor and Chair of Hispanic Studies
  • Cindy Frantz, Professor of Psychology and Environmental Studies
  • Mary Garvin, Professor of Biology 
  • Aaron Goldman, Assistant Professor of Biology
  • Alexia Hudson-Ward, Azariah Smith Root Director of Libraries
  • Ben Jones ’96, Vice President for Communications
  • Leslie Joseph ’06, Director, Audiovisual Services
  • Sadie Keller, Class of 2019
  • Wendy Kozol ’80, Professor of Comparative American Studies and Affiliate of GSFS
  • David Krischer ’78, Trustee
  • Minsok Pak ’91, Trustee
  • Michael Parkin, Professor of Politics
  • Charles Peterson, Associate Professor of Africana Studies
  • Nick Petzak, Director, Fellowships and Awards
  • Meredith Raimondo, Vice President and Dean of Students
  • Greg Ristow ’01, Assistant Professor of Conducting, Director of Vocal Ensembles
  • Renee Romano, Robert S. Danforth Professor of History, Professor of Comparative American Studies, and Africana Studies, and Chair of History
  • Alexa Still, Associate Professor of Flute
  • Peter Swendsen ’98, Associate Professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts, Chair of TIMARA
  • Rebecca Vazquez-Skillings, Vice President of Finance and Administration
  • Joe Vitale, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Natalie Winkelfoos, Associate Vice President for Athletics Advancement and Delta Lodge Director of Athletics & Physical Education
  • Jeff Witmer, Professor of Mathematics
  • Janet Wu, Class of 2020

Download ONE OBERLIN, The AAPR Final Report