The Academic and Administrative Program Review (AAPR), launched in the spring of 2018 by President Carmen Ambar and Oberlin’s Board of Trustees, is an ambitious, comprehensive examination of Oberlin’s programs and activities.

AAPR seeks to address head-on the challenges facing Oberlin and many of the nation’s top-tier liberal arts colleges and conservatories. It provides a venue and an opportunity to build on the strengths of the college and conservatory, refocusing the entire community on what Oberlin distinctively offers to its students and to the world.

The 31-person AAPR steering committee includes faculty, staff, students, trustees, and alumni. In a message to the Oberlin community, the steering committee wrote that it is committed, among other things, to a process that is authentic to Oberlin’s history and distinctive excellence, and broadly inclusive, tapping the full range of Oberlin’s wisdom, creativity and experience.

Working in cooperation with Oberlin’s regular governing bodies, the AARP steering committee and its six working groups will gather a broad spectrum of data, information, perspectives, and ideas. From these resources, the steering committee will develop recommendations to be submitted to President Ambar for consideration. These recommendations will address current and future financial needs as well as areas for investment that are authentic to Oberlin’s mission and key to Oberlin’s future.


November 14, 2018
Update on the Academic and Administrative Program Review (November, 2018)

September 4, 2018
Update on the Academic and Administrative Program Review (September, 2018)

April 25, 2018
Selection of the AAPR Steering Committee

March 21, 2018
Announcement of Board’s Decision to Create AAPR

March 15, 2018
Academic and Administrative Program Review: Next Steps