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International Student Advising

Oberlin College is home to a vibrant and tightly knit international student community representing more than 50 countries and 12 percent of the student population. Additionally, Oberlin has close to 200 students with either dual U.S. and foreign citizenship, permanent residency in the United States, or U.S. citizenship with permanent residence abroad.

At the International Student Resource Center, a holistic approach empowers students to actively focus on the ongoing processes of self-exploration and reflection. Throughout their time at Oberlin, we provide direct guidance in order to help students reach their long-term personal and professional aspirations.

We offer some general guidelines and information for academic advisors of international students. While most students settle in quickly and thrive at Oberlin, some may need time to adjust to Oberlin’s academic culture. Refer to our International Student Academic Advisor Supplement, which may be helpful to you as you interact with and advise international students.

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