Office of Student Leadership and Involvement

Student Leadership Workshops

The Oberlin Student Leadership Program offers a variety of workshop opportunities to help Obies learn about and engage in leadership. These workshops will be offered throughout the semester but are also available upon request for student groups. Check out our menu of workshops and submit a request. If you do not find what you're looking for, you are also able to customize a workshop to your needs and interests. 

Student Group Workshops

These workshops are designed specifically for student organizations, teams, or groups. They will help students develop skills they need to work well together and advance their group goals. 

One of the biggest challenges of running a successful student organization is maintaining your momentum between school years. How prepared is your organization to transition leadership and set yourself up for success for the coming semester or school year? This workshop will help groups inventory their work, prepare transitional materials, and set goals for future leadership.

Differences of opinion and conflict are inevitable when working with others. But how can you use conflict to better understand yourself and others? And how can conflict help you and your organization better meet your goals? This workshop will help students understand the roots of conflict and leave with skills to help manage conflict and see the world through other people's perspectives. 

Why does your organization exist? What are you working toward? This workshop will help student groups convene on their values and common vision for the future. Attending students will re-focus their attention on why they do what they do and work with their peers to agree on a common purpose for their organization. 

How do you develop effective methods for organizing your organization and working toward your goals? This workshop will help groups learn organizational methods and collaborate to create and achieve their collective goals. 

How do you lead with others? This workshop will help club leadership, captains, and another leadership teams to develop strategies for delegating tasks and sharing power with others to accomplish their goals. 

Whether your team is brand new or has been working together for a long time, communication and common expectations are key to working well together. This workshop will serve as an opportunity for your team to discuss how you'd like to work together, how you will deal with conflict, and how you can stay on the same page.

Good feedback is central to collaboration. But feedback is tough and often we find ourselves avoiding it so we can be seen as polite and easy-going. This workshop will help teams open the floor to talk about how they give and receive feedback and plan for how to create a culture that is open to feedback in the future. 

General Leadership Content

These workshops will cover a variety of leadership topics that will support both groups and individuals to take on leadership skills. 

"Leadership is the most observed, and least understood phenomena on Earth."

- James MacGregor Burns

Leadership is all around us but what does it really mean to practice leadership? In this workshop, students will be introduced to the Oberlin College Leadership Model and it's foundational beliefs about leadership. They will then examine what their own beliefs about leadership are and create a personalized philosophy of leadership. 

Are you interested in the intersection between emotional intelligence and leadership? Do you believe in the importance of empathy, awareness, and support within leadership? Come to this workshop to learn more about Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and the 19 capacities within it. Take the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Inventory and find out how you can grow in your capacity for emotionally intelligent leadership!

Workshop Requests

Request one of these workshops or a customized one through our workshop request form! You can also contact Director of Student Leadership, Jess Gorgas at