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Ricarda Hill ’24

Hi! I’m Ricarda, and I hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is only a pleasantly short drive away. We’re known for our color-coordinated sports teams and heated regional rivalries, but my favorite team, the Pirates, have been cellar dwellers for years and this year was no exception! Also, is Pittsburgh in the Midwest?

As a first-year student in the college, I am not 100% certain what my major is, but I’m currently exploring and interested in biology, economics, and politics. The only thing I know for certain is that I really want to complete the International Affairs concentration.

Outside of academics, I am a newcomer to the Preying Manti Frisbee team, which has been a warm and welcoming experience. I can also be found reading fantasy and political history books, wandering around this beautiful campus, watching nature documentaries, and wishing I could be in a co-op (no complaints about the dining hall food, I just enjoy cooking so much!).

Attending college during a pandemic can definitely be a difficult and odd situation to be in, and I’m hoping to assuage any apprehensions prospective students may have about continuing their education at this time. The Oberlin Blogs convinced me to move to Ohio for college, so I’m incredibly excited to join the ranks and share my Oberlin experience with everyone!

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