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Why Oberlin? First Year Edition: Part 2

April 27, 2021

Ricarda Hill ’24

Part 1 can be found here! To recap, I asked several other first-year students why they ended up choosing Oberlin. One of the best things about Oberlin is the friendly atmosphere and how willing everyone is to share their experiences! 



I got into Oberlin in March 2020, about a week and a half after schools shut down, and trying to navigate online school as well as the college admissions process was proving to be quite difficult. I knew that I wanted to end up somewhere with a liberal arts approach that had a strong science and pre-med program, but beyond that I had no clue where I saw myself spending my next four years. Oberlin stood out to me not only because of incredible resources, such as the conservatory that would allow me to continue playing cello, but because of the support they offered prospective students during the uncertainty of the peak of the pandemic shutdown. From the 8-week Uncovering Covid-19 course to zooms with professors to social hangouts with other Obies, I ultimately chose to attend Oberlin because they had so many resources and made me feel welcome and supported throughout the craziness of dealing with the decision process and the pandemic, and I haven’t looked back since!



I came to Oberlin for its location, music, and people. I love the quiet midwestern backdrop to the college, and being able to take outstanding music courses while majoring in chemistry is a great advantage of Oberlin. Most importantly, everyone I spoke to about Oberlin emphasized the college's friendly atmosphere. I wanted a college that offered excellent academics while resisting a breakneck competitive culture, and Oberlin manages to accomplish this impressive goal. I'm so glad I chose Oberlin!



Oberlin allows for students to combine their various passions and interests in meaningful ways that enhance the connection that we have to the school and to fellow Obies! As an A&S student I’ve still been able to learn how to play an instrument (Steel Pan) and I’ve still received credits toward my degree for doing so through the Experimental College (Exco) program!



I was drawn to Oberlin because students are authentically themselves and accepting of others! People here care about the world and fight for it. The vibe at Oberlin is learning for the sake of learning and learning to do the right thing, not necessarily for a career focus or a perfect GPA, and that environment is what makes my classes so fun!

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