Pastoral Care and Counsel

COVID-related Grief Support Group
Religious and Spiritual Life and the Counseling Center offer supportive group care to students who are grieving the death of loved ones or family members from the coronavirus.

Barefoot Dialogue
For students interested in participating in dialogue across differences with their peers. Dialogue groups are composed of 12 students and are student-facilitated around interest areas chosen by students. Two time options are available, during the lunch and dinner time slots.

ORSL Listening Circles
Monthly, ORSL Affiliates are available as listeners in student-facilitated conversations related to anti-Black racism, social justice, class, and poverty, with an ear and eye for opportunities to respond with concrete action.

Pastoral Care (Group)
Religious Life Affiliates across religious and non-religious commitments host a weekly pastoral care group for students with particular attention to spiritual health during the coronavirus, care of self while engaging socially and politically, and issues of belonging during the transition to Oberlin.

Pastoral Care (One-on-One)
By Phone or Zoom (flex hours available)
Religious Life Affiliates are available for pastoral care sessions by phone or Zoom and scheduled directly using their email addresses. Each Affiliate has ties to at least one religious community for interested students (observant or curious).