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Call for Submissions: 2014 Winter Term Project Chronicles

January 3, 2014
Communications Staff
Tell us about your winter term project

The Office of Communications wants to know how you are spending winter term. We’d love to see your photos and video, read your blogs, and/or listen to your audio. We’ll include your submission in an Oberlin OnCampus photo gallery, and it may also appear in other Oberlin publications and social media.

We accept submissions on an ongoing basis, but to ensure your submission is included in the media noted above, send it by Monday, February 10.

Use our submission form (below) to send the following information:
• the title of your project and its faculty/staff sponsor;

• the location of your project; 

• a brief description of what you are doing as well as what you hope to learn or achieve;
• if other Oberlin students are involved in your project, include their names; and
• attach a photo and/or include a links

Some Items for Consideration

  • For publication on the Oberlin OnCampus website, photos should be at least 300 pixels x 300 pixels and 72 dpi.

  • If you would like to have your photo considered for possible print or homepage featuring, it must be at least 1500 pixels high by 1500 pixels wide and 300 dpi.

  • If people other than you appear in your photos or video, be sure to inform them that you are submitting their image for posting and publication. If they object, don’t share your item. If they approve, identify them—name and affiliation—in your project submission.

If you have any questions about this project or submission criteria, send an e-mail to or call Ma’ayan Plaut ’10, manager of social media and projects, at 775-8091.

[This form is no longer available.]

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