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This Week in Photos: Hello Spring!

May 25, 2022

Yvonne Gay

Two students do handstands on a lawn.
Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal ’23

It’s a warm day in Wilder Bowl and the Oberlin community is making the most of it. Some have chosen to spend the day with friends, study, or just have fun like these two handstanding students who also serve as inspiration for this week’s photo series


With warmer days, many classes and events have moved outside. In this photo tour we visit an art class as they stroll through a nearby creek; take in the sounds at the art museum; purchase handmade goods in Wilder Bowl; attend a teach-in and enjoy music at the Oberlin Public Library; and walk by a class in Tappan Square.

Students walk barefoot through a creek
Students in Professor Nanette Yannuzzi’s intermediate site, location, place art class explore a nearby creek.  Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko
A jazz band plays in a courtyard.
The Oberlin Sonny Rollins Jazz Ensemble performs in the Allen Memorial Art Museum courtyard. Photo credit: Clarissa Heart ’20
Pottery and blown glass sit on a table.
Pottery and blown glass rest on a long table at this semester’s Makers Market. Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal ’23
Two students at a podium talk to people
Students in professor Pam Brooks' class lead a teach-in and community care session at the Oberlin Public Library. Brooks' BLM4 class is based on the principles of the Black Lives Matters movement. The afternoon-long event at the library included research presentations by students in the course and community engagement with fresh produce and recylcled clothing. Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal ’23
An steel band plays in front of a library.
OSteel gives a performance at the Oberlin Public Library at the inviation of Professor Pam Brooks. The group's performance was part of the BLM4 teach-in and community outreach event. Photo credit: Anokha Venugopal ’23
A class sits in a park.
Class in Wilder Bowl. Photo credit: Yevhen Gulenko


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