A student room in Kade House, also known as German House, one of 10 Program Houses on campus that focus on a world language, culture, or special interest. Photo credit: Gary Cohen ’11

Oberlin is a four-year residential college and we believe that living and eating together fosters a strong community. That’s why we require students to live in campus-owned housing through graduation or in an Oberlin Student Cooperative Association co-op.

Housing Options

As part of the Office of Residential Education’s effort to provide specialized and rewarding living experiences, we offer 10 Program Houses and 14 Theme Halls across campus that cover a variety of interests. Students must apply to live in one of these distinct spaces.

Campus Events


Vinyasa Yoga

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Studio Be Second level

Housing and Dining

Our residential campus means the learning never stops. Once your classes are done for the day, where you live and eat becomes another opportunity to learn from your peers and develop as an individual. You’ll have plenty of options: Do you prefer a traditional residence hall, or an immersive language house? Do you want to eat in a dining hall, or cook with friends in a co-op? Choose the space that’s best for you: That chat you have over lunch or in a house lounge may lead to something big.

Our dining choices include fresh, mostly local food to suit every eater, including vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary restrictions. The variety means meals are available to accommodate almost any student’s schedule (including the ever-popular fourth meal). 

Where will you call home?

Where will you eat?

Meal Plans

The college’s seven dining halls, food courts, and cafés reflect our commitment to quality service, and diversity and wholesomeness of food choices. Bon Appétit Management Company is our food service management company as it shares our commitment to following practices that honor the environment, economy, and sustainability of the local community. Additionally, our student-run co-ops are heavy on the local and organic and overall very veggie friendly. we make as much as possible from scratch (including bread and tofu), buy from local farmers, and deliver our compost to a nearby organic farm.

Academic Calendar

Get a sense of academic life at Oberlin. The Academic Calendar has all the important dates per semester—Orientation, registering for (or dropping) a class, exams schedules, and other info to help you stay on task and meet academic deadlines.

Photo credit: Matthew Lester

Dining Co-ops

We're proud to have one of the largest, oldest dining co-op systems in the country, feeding nearly a quarter of our campus. Co-op meals are a community effort at every step, from deciding what food to buy, to making the bread, to cleaning up afterward. Members plan and prepare meals together in fully stocked, industrial kitchens. We make as much as possible from scratch (including bread and tofu), buy from local farmers, and deliver our compost to a nearby organic farm.

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