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Lanie Lee Cheatham ’24

Hello! My name is Lanie and I am from a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. While I do miss the grand mountains of my hometown, there is something exciting about the flatness of Ohio, the great fields of corn and vast expanses of trees. 

I am a second-year student and prospective Neuroscience and Comparative American Studies major, but I am also interested in history, statistics, and writing. Additionally, I am part of MULTI (the multiracial students club), the pottery co-op, and live in Third World Social Justice Co-op!

Outside of class and extracurriculars, you can find me studying and chatting with friends in Mudd, carving and printing in my dorm room, listening to the same album on repeat until I get tired of it, and baking elaborate desserts. I love to wear bright and colorful clothing, so if you spot me on campus say hi!

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