• Professor of Music Education
  • Director, Division of Music Education


  • Bachelor of Science, Music Education, West Chester Univiversity, 1987
  • Master of Music, Vocal Performance, West Chester Univiversity, 1991
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Music Education, Northwestern University, 1996


Jody L. Kerchner specializes in secondary school music and choral music education. She is founder and conductor of the Oberlin College Women’s Chorale and Oberlin Music at Grafton, a prison choir at the Grafton Correctional Institution.

Prior to teaching at the collegiate level, Kerchner taught K-8 general and choral music in Swarthmore, Pa., and Winnetka, Ill.

Research Interests

As a qualitative researcher and musician-educator, Kerchner focuses on school music students’ focus of attention, perception, and multisensory (verbal, visual, kinesthetic) responses during music listening; music teacher education; music teacher identity development; reflective teacher praxis; choral music education; empathetic leadership; and portfolio music assessment.

An active clinician, she has presented keynote addresses, research papers, and pedagogy workshops nationally and internationally at conferences in North and South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Kerchner also frequently serves as guest choral conductor for elementary, middle, and high school honors choral festivals.


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Professional Affiliations

Kerchner is on the editorial board for the International Journal for Music Education: Practice Journal. She is currently the chair of the Music in the Schools & Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC) of the International Society for Music Education (ISME).