Oberlin’s Partnership with Pioneer Academics

The partnership between Oberlin College and Pioneer Academics has created an unprecedented online education model. Through this collaboration, outstanding high school students are able to conduct accredited undergraduate-level research following concrete, holistic standards.

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Why does Oberlin College collaborate with Pioneer Academics?

Michael Parkin

Oberlin and Pioneer have so much in common. Both have given me a chance to work closely with talented students from around the world, and both share a commitment to rigorous educational standards and inquiry across a wide range of academic disciplines. A lot of what happens in Pioneer happens every day at Oberlin.

Michael Parkin, Erwin N. Griswold Professor of Politics, Oberlin College

Oberlin College and Pioneer Academics share fundamental commitments of superlative academic quality and access to and diversity in education. Oberlin was the first college in the U.S. to adopt a policy of admitting students of color (1835), and the first to create a coeducational undergraduate program (1841). Similarly, from its inception, the Pioneer Research Program has viewed academic passion as paramount, and access and diversity as pivotal.

Sharing these common principles, and following two years of engagement, Oberlin and Pioneer announced a formal collaboration in 2016, which included Oberlin’s granting college credit to Pioneer Research Program scholars.

Rigorous academic standards and ongoing educational review

Educational collaboration with Oberlin College

The core of the collaboration is the development and oversight of the academic program. Pioneer Academics works with Oberlin's faculty governance committees to develop and maintain high academic standards and protocols of leading liberal arts colleges and universities.

Academic program development

In collaboration with Oberlin College, Pioneer Academics is committed to continuously improving the quality of both faculty pedagogy and student learning outcomes. Oberlin College works with Pioneer Academics to develop learning goal requirements, grading rubrics, and academic oversight.  The link below shows the academic system utilized throughout the Pioneer Research Program.

Selectivity criteria throughout admission to the Pioneer Research Program

Pioneer Academics is committed to data transparency with Oberlin College. The Pioneer Research Program has a meticulous admissions process. Its selectivity is respected because of its rigorous criteria.

Academic oversight

Oberlin College is an institution known for academic excellence, and Pioneer Academics is comparably conscientious and thorough. Oberlin's academic review board sample-checks the evaluated assignments produced by students in the Pioneer Research Program to ensure that they are consistent with its exacting standards.

College credit

Oberlin College holds to high standards in all academic activities. Because of the rigorous system and procedures, the college has full confidence in its collaboration with Pioneer Academics, including in the granting of college credit.

Moving forward / social mission / need-based scholarships

Matthew Jaskol

Oberlin College has historically played a major role in advancing educational excellence and access. Now, Pioneer Academics and Oberlin College together aspire to lead in dynamic global education.

Matthew Jaskol, Pioneer Academics

Oberlin has been a historic pioneer in educational access. Its collaboration with Pioneer Academics is an extension of its commitment to access for the 21st century. Almost from its inception, Pioneer Academics has been committed to meeting the financial need of high achieving but underserved students. Pioneer Academics and Oberlin College together have granted unique research opportunities to high school students from around the world. See the most current statistics at the Pioneer Academics admissions page.