Classics Student Research and Awards

Research is not limited to the natural sciences. Students in classics have the opportunity to assist with faculty on field research, participate in research projects, and get involved in summer study away programs.

Karanis Housing Project

This project explores the role that magic plays in architecture, investigating the placement of protective features in houses and other buildings. Aspects of the project include creating a GIS map of the site of Karanis in Egypt, excavated by the University of Michigan from 1924-1935.

Current efforts seek to bring this valuable information into the 21st century by digitizing the dig and making a comprehensive list of finds easily accessible and searchable online. While still in its early stages, the model developed based on data from Karanis will eventually be applied to other excavations, providing a way to analyze finds and query specific artifacts that is far more user-friendly than sifting through boxes of field notes.

Interested students should contact Associate Professor Drew Wilburn 

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Students in the Karanis Housing Project

American School of Classical Studies in Athens

Oberlin College is a member college in the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (ASCSA), the premier American institution for the study of ancient and medieval Greek archaeology and culture in Greece.  

This means that our students are eligible to apply for the ASCSA’s famous six-week summer program of Greek archaeology, or its three-week summer institutes that focus on different topics each year. Our students also are eligible to apply to use the Blegen Library, the finest library for classical archaeology and literature in Greece.  

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