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Students learn German by doing: reading, speaking, writing, and discourse. Photo credit: Tanya Rosen-Jones ’97
Program Type:
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)

German literature and German studies allow students to immerse themselves in the rich language and literature of the German-speaking world. Our courses ask students to reflect on the nature and value of literary, cinematic, and artistic works as part of a larger inquiry into the meaning of life.

Program Director

Steven Huff

Professor of German
Department Affiliation

Joan Kaatz

Administrative Assistant 440-775-8650

Why Study German at Oberlin?

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Variety of Programs
residence hall lounge
The lounge in Max Kade House is often the space where students studying German meet for meals, games, parties, discussions, and other social activities. Photo credit: Gary Cohen ’11

German House

Max Kade House, officially known as Deutsches Haus or German House, is a Program House for students who want to learn and speak German. The house can accommodate 35 students, who along with a resident faculty member and two teaching assistants, have opportunities to engage in social, cultural, and academic activities—in German.

Sample Courses

  • GERM 203 - Intermediate German 4 credits
  • 305 - Conversation and Composition 4 credits
  • GERM 371 - The Artist as Mediator: Peter Stephan Jungk's Writing Between History and Fiction 2 credits
  • GERM 372 - What Is Pop?: German Fiction, Film and Music Since 1989 2 credits

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