September to November is the heaviest deadline season for graduating seniors and alumni. Submitting letters of recommendation on time, including for internal deadlines, is crucial.

November is among the most important months for second and third year students starting applications.  If you want to refer a promising second or third year student for a specific program, it is important that the fellowships office know them before December first. 

Research experience applications for STEM majors should be started by early December at the latest.

Winter-term funding opportunities continue to expand; students should begin planning in September. Updated information is available here and here.

It is important to crucial that first and second year students know where these offices are (online and in the “real” world) and what each can do for them.  YOU CAN HELP. Send them to us. 

  • Bonner Center for Service and Learning
  • Career Development Center
  • Center for Innnovation and Impact
  • Con. Professional Development
  • Fellowships and Awards

Spring is the primary recruiting season for the Fellowships Office.   Starting in February, rising seniors who will be competitive for awards MUST begin to plan for their first year post-Oberlin.  This is also crucial for any student considering post-bac international opportunities more generally.

Fulbright applicants may only apply to one country and one program each year.  They should make those decisions before they leave for the summer.

Successful Watson applicants plan and network through spring and in to summer.  It is no longer possible to be competitive for Watson if a student waits until fall to begin.