Applying to prestigious and competitive fellowship programs—and especially to more than one—requires advance planning. Many applications are due between late September and mid-October. Another flurry of deadlines comes in early November. Faculty mentors, faculty advisors, the Fellowships and Awards Office, the Career Development Center, the Academic Advising Resource CenterFinancial Aid, and other offices, are all eager to help you produce the best possible application. Take advantage of the full range of support available to you. 

Keep in touch with the Fellowships and Awards Office and faculty advisors during the summer. Plan to arrive on campus in September with solid written drafts of application essays and a plan for completing them well ahead of the internal and national deadlines.

Available Fellowships

1. is a good, comprehensive site to learn more about fellowships.  (Keep in mind that this is a tool to help you get started; Oberlin's own internal deadlines and processes will be slightly different.)

2. Scholarships for Development is the best single source of information for international students interested in fellowships.

3. The Haas Center for Public Service at Stanford University maintains a comprehensive database of fellowships, internships, and service programs for those interested in public service.  Many Oberlin students have found it useful.