Locations & Facilities

Oberlin’s facilities are unsurpassed by any school its size. The college has one of the nation’s most extensive college library collections; one of the finest college art museums in the country; and first-rate facilities in music, theater arts, the natural sciences, computing, and physical education.

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Hallock Auditorium

Hallock Auditorium is in the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies. The auditorium serves the dual purpose of being a lecture space for academic classes and a venue for campus events.
Hallock Auditorium

Harkness Bowl

Harkness Bowl is a green space in front of Harkness Hall. Students use the space to relax, toss a ball, and play music.
Photo of Harkness Bowl

Harkness Hall

Situated in the center of campus, Harkness is a residential hall that houses approximately 65 students.
Exterior view of Harkness Hall.

Hotel at Oberlin

Anchoring the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center, the Hotel at Oberlin is nestled in the heart of downtown Oberlin, overlooking historical Tappan Square and just steps from Oberlin College.
exterior image of Hotel at Oberlin

Immunology Lab

Two labs are available for work and research in immunology and neuroscience. They have clean benches equipped with hoods to minimize the risk for contamination of cell lines.
interior of lab wth benches and hoods to protect researchA laboratory used for the culturing of, research into, and analysis of various cellular samples.

Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater

The Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater is part of the Eric Baker Nord Performing Arts Annex. The accessible and highly adaptable theater can accommodate up to 300 seats.
stage and seating area of wurtzel theater

Jesse Philips Physical Education Center

The Jesse Philips Physical Education Center is a 115,000-square-foot facility. Its gymnasiums are used for basketball, volleyball, intramural and other recreational activities.
Photo of Jesse Philips Physical Education Center

John W. Heisman Field House

Opened in 1992, this facility is named for Oberlin's first football coach, the famed John Heisman who inspired college football's most prestigious award, the Heisman Trophy. The field house is linked to the main athletic complex and includes a six-lane, 200-meter track and four tennis courts.
Photo of track in John W. Heisman Field House

Kander Theater

Kander Theater is a new 75-seat performance space in Hall Annex that replaces the Little Theater, part of a major renovation project to enhance Oberlin’s Department of Theater. It is an ideal venue for smaller scale, intimate, and experimental productions presented by faculty and students.
exterior entrance to kander theater building