Office of Environmental Sustainability

Oberlin Food Rescue

The RCT has been working with Campus Dining Services (CDS), local restaurants, OSCA, and Oberlin Community Services (OCS) to support food rescue.

Photo credit: Courtesy of the Office of Environmental Sustainability

Food resuce, also called food recovery, is the practice of gleaning edible food that would otherwise go to waste from places such as restaurants, grocery stores, produce markets, or dining facilities and distributing it to local emergency food programs. Campus and community dining facilities have started to partner with OCS to redistribute leftover prepared and unprepared food to community members at their food pantry. RCT have begun bringing leftover prepared meals from Stevenson to OCS twice a week. We are working with OCS to expand these efforts in the coming years.

Getting Involved

There is a great need for student volunteers to help with food rescue and delivery. Students can participate in Food Rescue runs, work with community organizations to increase food rescue efforts, or collaborating to further our initiatives. If you are interested in getting involved to reduce food waste in our community, please contact